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About Michael

Background and Influences

Michael Lindsey is a classical guitarist based in Charleston, SC. Originally from Pensacola, FL, Michael began playing guitar at age 19.

Inspired by guitarists like John Williams, Christopher Parkening, Roland Dyens, and Antonio Carlos Jobim, Michael’s musical education unfolded through private lessons and immersion in music shops. This diverse influence has shaped his unique approach to classical guitar.

Michael’s artistic style is characterized by a deep connection to the classical guitar, finding joy in the tactile experience of the strings, the pure resonance of the instrument, and the relaxation it brings. His repertoire, spanning Romantic period and Latin American/Spanish classical guitar, Brazilian jazz, and the works of composers like Mertz and Chopin, reflects a harmonious blend of technical mastery and emotional expression.


From accompanying the Charleston Children’s Chorus in a premiere during the Piccolo Spoleto festival to enchanting audiences at the Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival in Pensacola, FL, and local venues like the Charleston Farmer’s Market and restaurants, Michael’s performances create lasting impressions. In the past, he and his wife shared the stage, delivering captivating jazz standards performances.

Achievements and Contributions

Michael’s recent accomplishment includes the release of an album featuring J.K. Mertz’s complete Bardenklänge suite.

Beyond the stage, Michael’s artistic vision extends to bringing emotional healing through music and offering a unique perspective on life. Actively contributing to the promotion and preservation of classical music, he engages with audiences through recordings, social media, and public performances.

Personal life

Michael is married with two children and finds joy in sharing his love of music with his family. The guitar, for him, is not just an instrument; it’s a source of solace, a meditative experience that centers him and brings a sense of home. Looking ahead, Michael plans to explore South American music and Brazilian Jazz in his upcoming project, aspiring to evolve his musical career by creating distinctive arrangements of jazz standards and modern jazz pieces.